Summer Wedding Promo – Body Contouring – Package 2


Experience the synergy of advanced technologies working in harmony to sculpt your body and boost your confidence. Mega Lipo Session is your key to achieving the body you desire, with a customized approach that caters to your unique needs. Discover the future of body contouring – where science meets beauty, and transformation begins.

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At The Body Contour Spa Vancouver, We offer The Mega Lipo Session. 

Our innovative service combines Laser Lipo pads, cavitation, Radio Frequency, lymphatic drainage, and vacuum therapy, all seamlessly integrated into one comprehensive session.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a more sculpted you! Our Mega Lipo Session is designed to target problem areas, promoting inch loss and tightening skin for noticeable results. The power of Laser Lipo pads penetrates deep, while cavitation breaks down fat cells, and Radio Frequency stimulates collagen production for enhanced skin elasticity. Meanwhile, lymphatic drainage ensures the body’s natural detoxification process is optimized, and vacuum therapy provides a finishing touch by lifting and firming.


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