Pro Booty Sculpt HIEMT – 4 Sessions


Pro Booty Sculpt is more than just a body contouring service; it’s a personalized experience crafted to help you achieve the lifted and firmer booty you desire. Step into a world where science meets beauty, and let Pro Booty Sculpt sculpt your confidence. Elevate your curves with us – where your journey to a more sculpted booty begins.

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At The Body Contour Spa Vancouver, We offer The Pro Booty Sculpt Method which is only exclusively available at our clinic. 

Achieve a lifted and firmer booty through our exclusive all-in-one body contouring session. We’ve curated a unique blend of cutting-edge technologies, including Radio Frequency, vacuum therapy, wood therapy, lymphatic drainage, and HIEMT, all seamlessly integrated to sculpt and enhance your gluteus muscles.

Say goodbye to the struggle for a toned and lifted booty – Pro Booty Sculpt is here to redefine your journey. Our Radio Frequency technology stimulates collagen production, contributing to skin tightening and an overall lifted appearance. Vacuum therapy complements this process by lifting and firming, while wood therapy adds a natural touch to enhance your curves.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, our session incorporates lymphatic drainage for a holistic approach. This promotes detoxification, leaving you with not only a sculpted booty but a healthier, revitalized body. The innovative inclusion of HIEMT technology takes it a step further, engaging and strengthening your gluteus muscles for a defined and toned look.


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